New Music by Ecke and Mask Dance Party Ticket - September 28th

New Music by Ecke and Mask Dance Party Ticket - September 28th

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The Dream Flow is hosting a brand new musical performance by Ecke and a Masked Dance Party/Mask Contest at 9:00 on September 28th at Grandma's House in Denver.

Win $100 for the best mask!

If you would prefer to buy a ticket via Venmo, send us a message @ Kevin (at) and we will facilitate that process.

Ecke is playing two live shows:

The first set will feature some of Ecke's new unrecorded original music with Denver drummer Lucas Milowsky starting at 9:00 P.M.

A selection of The Dream Flow's short comedy sketches will play during the musical intermission, and then Ecke and Lucas will improvise on top of some of Ecke's electronic music for the final Mask Dance Party.

Voting for the Best Mask will take place at 11:30. Winner gets $100!
Each ticket purchased before the day of the event receives a free physical copy of Ecke's Change of Mind upon entry.
We will have a few masks for people to wear, however you are highly encouraged to bring your own in case we run out. You are not eligible for the mask contest wearing one of our masks.
We will be taking video and photos during the event for some music video/promotional materials.

We will have your tickets at the door and put your name on a list associated with your ticket number. You will receive an email detailing your ticket number after purchase.

Contact Kevin (at) with any questions.