Ecke Music - Transcendental, Turbulence, and Change of Mind Albums

Ecke Music - Transcendental, Turbulence, and Change of Mind Albums

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Transcendental, Turbulence, and Change of Mind are three albums released by Ecke in 2018.

These separate works feature a sonic blend of a variety of genres, moods, and styles.

Transcendental explores the indie-pop landscape, starting with "Heart on the Floor", a minimalist singer-songwriter piece that evolves into an electronically backed ballad with the introduction of a bass line more often heard in EDM. This four song EP combines elements of electronic music, jazz, experimental structure, and pop to create a unique combination of modern production.

Turbulence removes any reference to pop and explores the electronic world of IDM. Without lyrics, Ecke manages to create individual moments within his songs that evoke cinematic shifts in the experience of the music.

Finally, the focus of Change of Mind is almost entirely on the lyrics, exploring themes of truth and self-actualization. Except for the first song, "Reason and Rhyme" every track from this album is a live studio take without overdubs and additional production in order to keep the lyrical content front and center.