Signed Copy of Moral Panic Paperback - A Novel by K.M. Ecke

Signed Copy of Moral Panic Paperback - A Novel by K.M. Ecke

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 4.5 Stars on Amazon, 4.33 Stars on Goodreads

How could technology be used to assault liberty?

Where are the bounds of morality drawn for those with unlimited access to our data?

And how are good intentions manipulated into the perpetration of injustice?

These questions unfold within Moral Panic, a page-turning cautionary tale exploring the collision of the most extreme elements of vigilantism, surveillance data, and technological media manipulation. It wanders through the maze of near-future technology with a skeptical eye on the data-driven world we live in, hoping an awareness of the possibility of such a story prevents it from coming true in the real world.

As C.T.O. of the largest corporation in the world, Tanner Moore is about to release the greatest convenience innovation in the history of business: drone delivery services to every inch of the globe.

But when an interview with journalist Amy Noralis secretly recorded and published by the clickbait media, Tanner's fall from grace is swift and brutal.

He is fired, publicly condemned as a terrorist for comments he never made, and kidnapped by a mysterious vigilante group using surveillance data to track and kill their enemies. Tanner must navigate this underground world of violent zealots and hedonist hackers to find his way to freedom, or see his drone innovation controled by the seekers of abolute power.