Why The Dream Flow is Planting Trees

There are a handful of reasons that planting trees can be a positive way to reverse some of the effects of our modern consumption. One Tree Planted (the organization The Dream Flow will be donating to) has a great info-graphic on their website: https://onetreeplanted.org/pages/tree-facts

Here are some other reasons:

1 - It's additive instead of restrictive.

Many of the ideas for fixing the ecological crisis have to do with changing our consumption behavior or imposing regulations on companies that fight tooth-and-nail to oppose that legislation.

Why not go around that whole road block and do something that actively helps the problem? If fully realized The Dream Flow's model of revenue donation could be an additive common ground compromise to the ecological problem, instead of a divisive political issue.

2 - It helps stabilize the water cycle.

A more immediate problem with our current ecological crisis is the increased likelihood for drought and desertification around the world. This water scarcity will lead to less reliable agricultural yields, which will increase the likelihood of famine. This means people in areas where food production is decreased will be more desperate and more likely to risk the dangers of illegal immigration to escape their circumstances.

So whether you're interested in helping people in foreign countries or keeping people out of your country, water scarcity will be key to global stability.

3 - It's something active we can do to help.

A lot of the conversation surrounding ecological collapse has to do with doomsday scenarios, and this can make individuals feel helpless. To be clear, there are dire possibilities to our current path, but starting to move in the direction of contributing positively has given me personally a little bit of hope and motivation.

This is not a catch-all solution and we recognize The Dream Flow's contribution will be relatively small. But if this model were taken up by some of the largest companies in the world it has the capacity to have real benefits.

If you're interested in helping us plant trees and make media go here: https://www.patreon.com/thedreamflow

If you're interested in donating directly to One Tree Planted (we have no affiliation with them) go here: https://onetreeplanted.org/

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